SolidWorks Enterprise PDM–Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Challenges: Data contained in two systems: SOLIDWORKS PDM & SharePoint Difficult to expose data from both systems side-by-side Potential data and file redundancy, complications, and errors Users prefer unified access and presentation Solution: Expose selected SOLIDWORKS PDM data and functionalities in SharePoint via an integration web part Features: Supports SOLIDWORKS PDM object queries from within […]

3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Using EKL

Solution Using the configurable tool, users can generate custom part numbers using a selectable prefix Features The user selectable drop-down list shows that the drop-down value is prepended to an internal counter, based on the prefix, to form the custom part number. Users can generate part numbers using this tool on 3DEXPERIENCE public cloud, a […]

PDM CATIA Integration Tool

We have released an update to the PDM CATIA Integration Tool. This tool will help you integrate your SOLIDWORKS and CATIA data. SOLIDWORKS supports links between products or parts assemblies in Product Data Manager with children for CATIA-related data.   Solution The ability to have bi-directional mapping between PDM Variables and CATIA Parameters (title blocks): Initiate […]

3DEXPERIENCE Data Validation, Reports, and Analytics Tool

Running Complex reports against the 3DEXPERIENCE (ENOVIA) can be complex and difficult to develop. Current Dassault Systèmes solutions can be expensive to purchase and implement. It is not easy to analyze the data in an SQL level due to the complex level of the database structure in 3DEXPERIENCE. Solution A generic tool to extract complex […]

3DEXPERIENCE Data Migration Tools

Loading data in 3DEXPERIENCE can be complex and prone to errors especially when dealing with its complex data model. Some of the 3DEXPERIENCE out-of-the-box tools like EDAT and XPDM can be slow, expensive and do not handle all the migration scenarios required by customers. Solution: xLM Solutions has developed its own tool set to load […]

SolidWorks PDM Inventor to PDF Task Tool

PDM Inventor Batch Print – Add-In The SOLIDWORDS PDM Inventor to PDF Task Tool enables the creation of derived output for Inventor data stored in PDM. It is based on the out-of-the-box Tasks functionality and converts Inventor data to derived file formats such as PDF, DXF and STEP. The tool supports: Dynamic naming of the […]

Curtain eLocker

Curtain e-locker is an Information Rights Management system that prevents your confidential files from leaking out of the company. It allows users to access confidential files by using corresponding software, such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, SOLIDWORKS and Adobe Reader, but not to print, save as, or send files to external sources if they are not […]

xLM Oracle Replication Monitor

The xLM Oracle Replication Monitor is designed to monitor your Oracle Replication databases to notify admins of issues. It ensures data is consistent across sites and saves time to resolve issues. Challenges: No existing built‐in Oracle replication monitor tool Existing monitor approaches are manual based Disadvantages of manual process: A provision or reminder must be […]