xLM Solutions Opens xLM Europe in France

xLM Solutions proudly announces the opening of its new subsidiary, xLM Europe, to expand PLM services to the European market.

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

September 21 , 2 minutes read

Wanted: PLM Solution Architect

We’re looking for an expert PLM Solution Architect who has strong experience in implementing and architecting 3DEXPERIENCE.


Michelle Anderson

July 06 , 2 minutes read

PDM CATIA Integration Tool

xLM Solutions has released a new PDM CATIA Integration Tool. The tool is able to deal with non-value added steps that without it, engineers would have to perform when managing CATIA V5 in PDM.

Marc Young, Managing Partner

June 29 , < 1 minute

How to Perform a PLM Purchase Assessment

I have been brought into numerous situations where a company that recently purchased a new PLM system is beginning the implementation process and almost immediately encounters a host of unexpected issues.

Marc Young, Managing Partner

June 22 , 7 minutes read

PLM and the Digital Twin

A lot of our customers ask us, “I understand the concept of digital thread/twin, but how do I actually implement it?” This same question was asked by xLM’s Ilan Madjar to Jos Voskuil in this week’s episode of ” PLM Doctor is In” series by Virtualdutchman.com.

Ilan Madjar, Managing Partner, Owner

June 17 , < 1 minute

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation is at the forefront of many business strategies today as environmental concerns rise globally & call for saving our planet & optimum use of resources grow day by day, Sustainable Innovation & Development is no more an option but absolutely necessary & essential for businesses as they expand.

Ilan Madjar, Managing Partner, Owner

June 09 , < 1 minute

3DEXPERIENCE Widget Fundamentals

Enhance productivity with customized 3DEXPERIENCE widgets.

Ashwani Sharma

June 08 , 4 minutes read

Challenges and Strategies of SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Loading

One of the things we like to do at xLM Solutions is to share resources we think will help our...

xLM Solutions

June 01 , 3 minutes read

6 Ways to Monitor Environmental Footprint You Can Use Today in 3DEXPERIENCE

Today, the topic of climate change and environmental awareness is at the forefront of society’s thoughts and actions as well...

Ilan Madjar, Managing Partner, Owner

May 19 , 5 minutes read

ACE 2021 Wrap Up

The team at xLM Solutions was happy to attend ACE 2021 a little over a week ago. As with everything...

Michelle Anderson

May 03 , 2 minutes read