Learn how to develop 3DEXPERIENCE widgets on the 3DDashboard.

xLM Solutions

January 28 , 2 minutes read

Three Ways to Automate CATIA Tasks with EKL Scripts

xLM founder Marc Young shares three EKL scripts that automate CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE tasks to make the CAD program more efficient and faster.

xLM Solutions

August 24 , 2 minutes read

Insights and Results from our 3DEXPERIENCE Roundtable

xLM Solutions hosted a 3DEXPERIENCE Roundtable to discuss features and field questions about the platform, the Cloud, implementation and migration.

xLM Solutions

May 22 , 3 minutes read

For xLM Solutions, 2021 Was A Pretty Good Year

xLM’s Marc Young provides a detailed recap of major projects and activities from 2021.

xLM Solutions

December 16 , 3 minutes read

3 Customer Successes: Complex Data Migration Projects

xLM’s founder Marc Young outlines how xLM Solutions successfully conducted three complex 3DEXPERIENCE data migration projects for different customers.

xLM Solutions

November 12 , 3 minutes read

Wanted: PLM Solution Architect

We’re looking for an expert PLM Solution Architect who has strong experience in implementing and architecting 3DEXPERIENCE.


Michelle Anderson

July 06 , 2 minutes read

3DEXPERIENCE Widget Fundamentals

Enhance productivity with customized 3DEXPERIENCE widgets.

Michelle Anderson

June 08 , 4 minutes read

6 Ways to Monitor Environmental Footprint You Can Use Today in 3DEXPERIENCE

Today, the topic of climate change and environmental awareness is at the forefront of society’s thoughts and actions as well...

Michelle Anderson

May 19 , 5 minutes read

Widgets to Expand Your Capabilities

As you may know, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has a bunch of roles and applications that can all be configured. Widgets,...

Michelle Anderson

November 25 , 2 minutes read

Webinar: 3DEXPERIENCE Widget Fundamentals

Join us on December 10 at 11 a.m. EST




Michelle Anderson

November 12 , 3 minutes read