DELMIA® is Dassault Systèmes Global Industrial Operations software focused on digital manufacturing and manufacturing simulation. It connects virtual designs with real world applications to achieve operational excellence.
The DELMIA solutions relate to:

  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  • Industrial Engineering

DELMIA digital manufacturing capabilities extend visualization into manufacturing — users can simulate manufacturing processes before the physical plant or production line even exists.
We support the DELMIA suite of digital manufacturing products, including:

    • Manufacturing Engineering/Process Planning/MBOM/RFLP-MSR-PPR
    • Work Instruction/SOI/Process Planning
    • Global Modular Architecture/Supplier Management and Sourcing
    • Collaborative Document Management
    • Resource Equipment Allocation
    • Planning Structure
    • Manufacturing Item Definition
    • PLM Engineering/PLM Manufacturing/MES/ERP Feedback loop
    • PPR Management/J&T Management/CoS Management
    • Standard Part Management & Multi-Representation (Flexible)
    • Fastening (Fasteners/Fastens) & Riveting
    • MES APRISO Implementation (Process Builder/Screen Flow Management/Configuring Business Logic/Report Administration/ Global Process Manager Basics/Business Integrator Basics/ Background jobs processing/SQL Query Execution Basics)
    • Architecture Manufacturing & Business Process Re-Engineering

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