The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a total business experience platform, providing software solutions for every group in your organization from engineering to manufacturing to product/portfolio management, marketing and sales and beyond.

With a single, easy-to-use interface, it powers 3D design, analysis, simulation, and business intelligence in a collaborative, interactive environment. It is available on premise and in public or private cloud. Best of all, you can create a unique experience for all of your users and customers.

All of Dassault Systèmes products are based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for easy data transfer from one application to the other. For example, CAD data created in CATIA can be easily accessed and manipulated for SIMULIA simulations. ENOVIA is the backbone for the platform providing data governance, data management, engineering change and other PLM functionality.

As true experts in this technology, xLM Solutions provides specialized services and solutions to best implement and configure the 3DEXPERIENCE for your needs. We have developed custom tools and technologies for this platform including:

  • xLM Cloud Import Tool:

    A highly configurable toolkit for loading and updating non-CAD data into 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Using EKL:

    Solution enables users to generate custom part numbers in 3DEXPERIENCE using a selectable prefix and set a dash number value.

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Reference Clean Up Process:

    A process and tool set that prepares SOLIDWORKS PDM data for loading into 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud and complements Dassault Systèmes’ new integration framework-based tool, the XTA-OC 3DEXPERIENCE Transition Assistant.

  • Update Revision 3DEXPERIENCE Widget:

    This widget allows 3DEXPERIENCE on-premise users to save new Drawings or Documents to a later revision instead of starting from the first revision in the revision sequence.

  • Explore More 3DEXPERIENCE Tools From xLM:

    These are a few of our latest tools and custom solutions, but we have many more available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We welcome the opportunity to create one for you.

Our team of experts are ready to talk to you about how 3DEXPERIENCE can help your organization.

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Contact xLM Solutions today to speak with our experienced consultants who can provide a roadmap of what to expect and the decisions to be made throughout your project. Our team is here to support you from start to finish, from implementation and data migration to customization and integration. We look forward to helping you maximize your return on investment and streamline your operations.

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