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Michelle Anderson

November 12 , 3 minutes read

Load Data using XPDM – Demo

Today xLM releases a new demo from Marc Young, Managing Partner, on how to load data using Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA XPDM product. Watch it now.

The video will take you through the simple steps to load data using XPDM.

As you probably know, XPDM is a tool that works with the ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE for importing and exporting data. It’s also used to integrate 3DEXPERIENCE with other enterprise systems like ERP, PLM, etc. and has an owner concept where you can lock various data so it can’t be controlled when it’s not owned by the 3DEXPERIENCE solution.

It also can be used to convert CATIA v5 data to CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE when doing an import.

In this demo you’ll see how to convert Excel Item Master and Bill of Material data with multiple revisions to an XPDM xLM format and then import the data into 3DEXPERIENCE using the XPDM import/export batch tool.

Watch the video now. And if you have any questions when you’ve finished watching it, reach out for help.

Michelle Anderson

October 29 , < 1 minute

Don’t Miss Our COExperience Session: 3DEXPERIENCE Data Model Admin Tools

Who: Ilan Madjar, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant
Mark Young, Managing Partner

When: 11:30 a.m. CDT, September 15

Are you attending COExperience 2020? Be sure to tune into Mark Young and Ilan Madjar as they present: 3DEXPERIENCE Data Model Administration Tools.

This session will be a technical, high-level review of the discontinued studio tools in 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA 2019X and the alternative apps available on the platform. It compares these alternatives and presents the pros and cons of each 3DEXPERIENCE Administration tool.

This session is geared to solution architects and applications engineers. It focuses primarily on: Data Model Customization App (TXO), but also addresses some aspects of the Collaborative Space Control functionality, MQL(high level). In addition, it reviews what is not available in the new 3DEXPERIENCE tools.

Enjoy our On-Demand webinar now. Click here!


Michelle Anderson

September 11 , < 1 minute

Global Electric Solution Provider Migrates from SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE

By: Ilan Madjar, Partner/Senior Consultant A team of expert consultants from xLM Solutions recently completed a major data migration project, migrating...

Michelle Anderson

December 15 , 5 minutes read

ENOVIA SmarTeam Remote Performance

For those of you still running SmarTeam and may now need to run it remotely or over VPN, you may...

Michelle Anderson

June 29 , 2 minutes read


  Throughout its history, the experts at xLM Solutions have worked hard to give customers options for the best ways...

Barbara MacGregor

December 03 , 4 minutes read

Join xLM Solutions Experts at COE Annual Experience and TechniFair

PLM experts from xLM Solutions will be speaking at the upcoming COE Annual Experience and TechniFair in San Antonio, Texas,...

xLM Solutions

April 08 , 2 minutes read

SMARTEAM to 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V5 Migration Project Lessons

I wanted to share with you our recent experience with yet another successful migration of CAD legacy data from SMARTEAM...

xLM Solutions

January 02 , 4 minutes read

Picture This: ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting

By Marc Young, President/Owner, xLM Solutions Earlier in May, I had the pleasure of attending an ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS user group...

xLM Solutions

June 09 , 2 minutes read

SmarTeam Roundtable

Recently, xLM Solutions moderated a roundtable discussion about SmarTeam among current SmarTeam users. We discussed what’s next for SmarTeam and...

xLM Solutions

October 01 , 4 minutes read