Throughout its history, the experts at xLM Solutions have worked hard to give customers options for the best ways of using PLM and PDM products. In this three-part blog series, we’re reviewing the three main products from Dassault Systèmes: CATIA, ENOVIA and SIMULIA.  

In this blog, we focus on ENOVIA software. It delivers a wide variety of technical and business applications and is the backbone of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  

Let’s look at the features and functions of DS 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA.


3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA PLM software streamlines project and product management and engineering design processes. It integrates with CAD and 3D design applications and offers more than 50 separate roles across three disciplines:

Discipline Roles Categories
Intelligent Business
Modeling and
Product Portfolio Planning, Program and
Project Management, Requirement Management
Intelligent Product
Configuration and Change Management, Design
Review, Engineering BOM Management
Quality and
Materials Compliance and Quality Management  

Intelligent Business Modeling and Planning

The Business Modeling and Planning discipline offers multi-discipline collaboration to identify market opportunities and plan products and services via a digital twin. It ensures that as-designed products meet requirements.

Product Configurations

ENOVIA users gain collaboration capabilities, real-time operational assessment and business intelligence from the Product Configurations discipline. It allows users to find and leverage the best technologies throughout the value network to build a virtual definition in a configured and intelligent context. It also delivers form, fit and functional analysis.

Quality and Compliance Management

ENVOIA Quality Management promotes an efficient quality management system that enforces common quality processes, supports global and local regulatory requirements and manages quality events, CAPA, nonconformance and audits. Managers request, review and approve materials compliance and can assess and document product compliance.

ENOVIA For Engineers

Engineers use ENVOIA because of its single source of product information, change management features, collaboration options, and business agility. Among the main features for engineers are the following:

  • Gain a multi-discipline product definition providing a complete representation, including mechanical, electrical and software characteristics
  • Manage a single definition of the product, eliminating the need for EBOM-CAD synchronization
  • Easily view and update the product structure on a Web browser or mobile device
  • Identify parts with 3D part search
  • Define manufacturer equivalent, alternate and substitute parts
  • Compare 3D product structures
  • Manage configurations and variants
  • Organize work and manage tasks and progress with personalized dashboards

ENOVIA for Designers

Designers gain innovation and increased productivity from fully integrated collaboration directly in the CAD system. ENOVIA offers a suite of advanced design management tools to access, manage, share and securely store design data. It includes full-text search capabilities to foster reuse of design components. Among the main features for designers are the following:

  • Easily capture, manage and collaborate on design data
  • Share ideas in social communities
  • View and navigate 3D parts and assemblies on a Web browser or mobile device
  • Attach CAD data to a task and open directly in a CAD application
  • Search and reuse IP
  • Use 3D Compare for product versions
  • Mark up designs and securely share them across the enterprise

Why Customers Select ENOVIA

ENOVIA delivers state-of-the-art collaborative apps to manage business experiences enabling value creation within six business themes:

  • Strategic customer relationships
  • Product planning and programs
  • Global product development
  • Strategic supplier relationships
  • Quality and compliance
  • IP classification and security

Global Single Instance

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is model-based and data-driven, empowering users to transform from simply modeling products to creating unparalleled customer experiences. Traditional file-based approaches with static designs are replaced by a data-driven, online, innovation platform. Its model-based design environment combines multi-physics, behavior modeling, big data, social collaboration, and intuitive decision support, which frees users to innovate more and manage less.


With ENOVIA, users integrate design/engineering data from most CAD/EDA environments, manage manufacturing BOM integration to ERP and MES systems, and consolidate legacy applications.


ENOVIA’s largest enterprise customers have proven that ENOVIA can be deployed to and connect in real time with more than 80,000 users in globally distributed locations.


With the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform and ENOVIA, users gain a long-term commitment from a technology partner with more than 30 years of heritage and financial strength. xLM Solutions assists engineering and manufacturing enterprises with their requirements analysis, technology review, selection, and acquisition.

Other ENOVIA Products

Dassault Systèmes also offers ENOVIA for the Mid-Market, SmarTeam PDM, and VPLM V5.

ENOVIA Licensing, Packaging, Pricing

DS offers great flexibility in ENOVIA licensing, packaging and pricing to meet the needs of manufacturers. Users can acquire licenses with a one-time charge with annual maintenance fees or on a quarterly or yearly lease. Different configurations and packages will determine the pricing.

To add specific tools and capabilities to a basic license, users can opt for role-based modules, which are often tailored for specific industries and functions.

Current Offers

Dassault Systèmes has three ENOVIA R2020x special offers for the mid-market:

  • Collaborative 3D Designer (CPLX) – geared for designers to manage their CAD data, it gives access to data anywhere from any device.
  • Collaborative Product Engineer (XPLX) – includes all roles for CPLX and the ability to expand product development with a common engineering definition regardless of product complexity.
  • Collaborative Product Planner and Leader (EPLX) in the Cloud – includes all roles of XPLX with the ability to execute formal change and project management functionality across the enterprise.

Before You Buy

Before purchasing or leasing, answer these questions (we are here to assist you):

  • What are your engineering data management requirements for designers, engineers and the extended enterprise?
  • Which CAD (mechanical and electrical) are you using, and which one are your vendors and suppliers using?
  • Are you looking for a Cloud or on-premise solution?
  •  Do you have a legacy PLM/PDM system in place and will you need to migrate data to the new system?

xLM Solutions Services

The ENOVIA portfolio offers modules, roles and applications to fit all engineering, manufacturing and PLM challenges. xLM Solutions offers PLM services for ENOVIA software. We can help you figure out which packages fit your unique needs with the best bundle at the best price. xLM Solutions offers advice on implementation, customizations, data migrations, and more.

 When you’re ready for a consultation about ENOVIA, contact us.

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