xLM Solutions guides customers in the most efficient and effective ways of using the various applications available from Dassault Systèmes. This blog series looks at three main products from DS: CATIA, ENOVIA and SIMULIA.

In this blog, we focus on CATIA, the software suite that includes computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, PLM and 3D modeling. It combines design, engineering and manufacturing features with product creation tools.

Let’s dig a little deeper into DS CATIA.

CATIA Products

Dassault Systèmes offers a wide range of functionality in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE and CATIA V5 products. CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE is the latest offering from DS. It is based on and fully integrated in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. CATIA V5 is based on V5 technology and is widely used across all industries.

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE promotes the work of engineers, designers and systems engineers. It:

  • Incorporates intuitive search capabilities giving users a fast way to find what they need
  • Offers collaboration via real-time brainstorming
  • Gives developers ways to easily create multiple scenarios
  • Promotes data integrity through a unified data model for design, FEA, and manufacturing processes

CATIA V5 gives users tools for mechanical design, product synthesis, analysis, infrastructure, machining, and equipment and systems engineering, among others.

Other CATIA programs include:

  • Dymola for modeling integrated and complex systems
  • Electre to product electrical schematics and diagrams
  • Reqtify to coordinate requirement, traceability and impact analysis
  • ControlBuild to model, simulate, test, validate, and deploy IEC 61131-3 control applications
  • ICEM Surf to create class A and 3D digital surfaces for automotive and industrial design
  • SFE Concept for early phase simulation-driven conceptual design
  • Calelectre to build electromechanical models
  • Autosar-Building for open authoring and simulation for modeling, definition, simulation and deployment of embedded systems to automotive electronic control units

Who is Using CATIA and How?

Manufacturers across the spectrum of industries are using CATIA, from aerospace and defense, automotive, and industrial equipment, to high tech, consumer goods, life sciences, architecture and more. Users tend to fall into three categories: engineers, designers and systems engineers.

Engineers use CATIA Engineering to develop mechanical products using digital prototyping, analysis, and simulation. Mechanical engineers use CATIA 3D Modeling early in product development. It includes digital prototyping, digital analysis, and simulation for virtual product creation to design any type of 3D assembly.

Designers use CATIA Design/Styling for 3D sketching, reverse engineering, visualization, and subdivision surfacing with a high level of sophistication. Working with physical and virtual prototypes, designers also use CATIA for:

  • Class-A modeling
  • 3D printing
  • Visualizations
  • Product experience modeling

Systems Engineers use CATIA Systems Engineering to develop new products and systems using collaborative tools. It gives systems engineers the means to manage the product development process by integrating cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification, and business processes to develop complex products.

CATIA Licensing, Packaging, Pricing

DS offers great flexibility in CATIA licensing, packaging and pricing to meet the needs of manufacturers. Users can acquire licenses with a one-time charge with annual maintenance fees or on a quarterly or yearly lease. Different configurations and packages will determine the pricing.

To add specific tools and capabilities to a basic license, users can opt for role-based modules, such as packages for layout, style, mechanical engineering, equipment, and manufacturing. Role-based modules are often tailored for specific industries and function.

Current offers:

CATIA V5 Engineering Excellence

The offer brings together a large set of CATIA V5 applications delivering collaboration capabilities with CAD management capabilities. CATIA Engineering Excellence offers three packages:

  • CATIA Engineer Excellence (CATEE) is an entry-level package to perform basic 3D modeling and assemblies with a unique 2D/3D approach for conceptual design.
  • CATIA Mechanical Engineer Excellence (CATMEE) is a powerful set of applications built to allow the creation and management of projects and parts, with one single 3D product definition.
  • CATIA Mechanical and Shape Engineer Excellence (CATMSE) is a sophisticated and advanced mechanical and shape design package complementing the product definition and the high-quality surface operation process.

CATIA V6 Mid-Market Roles

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA (V6) for Mid-Market Engineering has three packages:  

  • Sheet Metal Excellence Designer (SHLX) is an entry-level core engineering package that allows you to design some core mechanical and sheet metal parts.
  • Mechanical Excellence Designer (M3KX) is a step higher in functionality for more advanced part design, 3DMaster annotations, mechanism and structural simulation.
  • Mechanical and Shape Excellence Designer (M3SX) offers advanced surface design capabilities.

Before You Buy

Before purchasing or leasing CATIA options, answer these questions:

  • Which OEMs do you need to support?
  • Which CATIA applications do the OEMs use?
  • Do you require CATIA V5 or CATIA 3DX with platform Cloud Collaboration tools
  • Will you need advanced surface modeling or specific add-on tools in your Design Seat?
  • Do you require workstations, CATIA training and HelpDesk support?

xLM Solutions Services for CATIA Users

The CATIA portfolio offers a wide variety of modules, roles and applications. xLM Solutions offers PLM services related to CATIA software. We can help you figure out which packages fit your unique needs with the best bundle at the best price. xLM Solutions offers advice on implementation, customizations, upgrades from CATIA V5 to CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, CAD programming, customizing CATIA EKL language, training, and more. We’ll help you make CATIA the most efficient design tool to fit your requirements.

 When you’re ready for a consultation with CATIA, contact us.

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