The team at xLM Solutions was happy to attend ACE 2021 a little over a week ago. As with everything else, our attendance was virtual this year. We missed seeing everyone in person but it was still an awesome 3-day event. We learned a lot in its educational sessions from Aras experts, partners like us, and analysts as well as customers of Aras.

ACE this year was all about how to be successful by riding the wave of continuous innovation and transformation and sustain that pace. How do you and your organization achieve this? Check out any of the sessions by rewatching them or catch up on any you missed. The sessions are available on-demand.

If you want to share a presentation with colleagues or if you missed ACE yourself, you can still register to get access to all the content and sessions.

We recommend you check these out:

Sessions available to you include:

Empowerment – The Missing Ingredient to Digital Transformation, Peter Schroer of Aras: Empowerment is the missing factor for successful Digital Transformations. Learn why empowerment can overcome Black Swan events and many of the factors that hold companies back from continuously transforming with speed, resilience, and agility.

Systems Thinking and Design of Complex Products, Tim Keer of Aras: Learn how systems architecture enables optimization across multiple design domains, teams, and tools.

Accelerate Product Development with Simulation Task Automation, Matteo Norcolich of Aras: discover the evolution of Simulation Management from data through tasks to processes. See how Aras’s new Process Engine platform service enables users to create repeatable simulation tasks with a configurable template library.

Collaborate to Innovate Across the Digital Thread, Gary Wilmot of Aras: Discover how a resilient platform empowers you to collaborate across domains to rapidly develop innovative products.

Tomorrow’s Process Plans and MBOMs, Mike Gavlak of Aras: Discussion of the future of manufacturing process plans, assembly instructions, and MBOMs.

Digital Engineering Implementation, Philomena Zimmerman of the US DoD: The Digital Engineering focus, for the DoD has shifted to implementation. This presentation will discuss some focused efforts to enable the use of digital engineering techniques.

Predict and Simulate the Future with Digital Twins, David McDonnell of Aras: Discover how to reduce downtime and increase workforce efficiency with advanced maintenance strategies.

ACE 2021 was one for the record books and we certainly got a lot out of it but we can’t wait to see everyone in person again next year.

Did you attend? Let us know what you thought – contact us here.

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