If you have SOLIDWORKS and Microsoft SharePoint you leverage both products to increase collaboration and efficiency throughout the enterprise. Though without an integration between the two there are problems and challenges to overcome.

In fact, there are at least four major challenges associated with not having a SOLIDWORKS PDM to Microsoft SharePoint Integration. These include:

  • Data contained in two disjointed systems that can easily get out of sync(PDM & SharePoint)
  • Errors due to manual creation of data
  • Non-value time/cost incurred by the engineering team
  • Potential for data and file redundancy, complications, and errors

The solution?  Publish / Sync data from SOLIDWORKS PDM to Microsoft SharePoint.


Creating web parts in SharePoint that help integrate information between SOLIDWORKS and SharePoint can help you:

  • Extend PDM to SharePoint users – expose side-by-side data previously available only in separate environments
  • Familiar, intuitive, and customizable browser-based user experience
  • Minimal PDM concepts and skill set required
  • Facilitate business and engineering processes by combining data from both platforms in a single workflow, while maintaining data integrity
  • Preserve and utilize existing data: no need for large-scale data migration or duplication across platforms
  • Exposes PDM data to mobile users
  • Converts Native CAD to Viewable files


  • Ability to publish files (both original and converted to PDF) and metadata from SOLIDWORKS PDM to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Configurable metadata mapping of PDM Variables to SharePoint Columns
  • Configurable Document Library Name to Publish Data to
  • Ability to convert different file types to PDF, such as SOLIDWORKS Drawings, DWG files, Office files, and more
  • Ability to create subfolders within the document library for further organization of published data
  • Option to set overwrite or create versionable objects of published files
  • Publish can be configured via change state or user-defined (right mouse button click)In addition to the above, we are constantly improving and configuring our PDM to SharePoint Integration tools to meet unique custom requirements. Features coming soon include:
  • Statistics of EPDM data and usage may be generated and displayed
  • Supports EPDM workflow responses (accept or reject) directly from within a SharePoint web part

Contact xLM Solutions today to find out how we can help with your SOLIDWORKS to SharePoint Integration.

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