xLM Solutions has recently partnered with OpenBOM to offer BOM management consultation, and to extend our PLM/PDM services, including implementation, customization, and integration to OpenBOM users.

OpenBOM and xLM Solutions partnership


About OpenBOM

OpenBOM’s mission is to deliver cloud multi-tenant BOM and inventory management technology to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, especially for small and start-up companies. It offers a variety of features that facilitate the BOM workflow. An online cloud solution, it organizes and simplifies BOM management.

OpenBOM was founded by Oleg Shilovitsky and Christopher Chaulk, highly respected leaders in the technology industry. As an aside, Oleg is a long-time colleague and friend whom I worked with at SmarTeam. He is also the author of the insightful Beyond PLM blog. Check out our comments on one of his blog posts about 3DEXPERIENCE platform options, as a follow-up to our post about Which 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Works Best for You?

In addition to online consultation, OpenBOM also offers how-to videos, webinars, articles, a training library, and FAQs.

Recently, OpenBOM launched a certified consultants program to bring in selected experts to provide online education, consulting and development services helping manufacturing companies organize product information and manage their processes.

xLM Solutions is now a certified consultant for OpenBOM users.

xLM Solutions as an OpenBOM Consultant Partner

As a certified consulting partner, xLM Solutions offers management services in three main areas:

  • General support and education, Q&A, instruction in BOM management and PLM/PDM services.
  • Implementation, launch, set-up, and training services for a BOM management structure; integration of the BOM management solution with CAD such as SOLIDWORKS and other systems.
  • Customization of solutions beyond out-of-the-box features; integration with other enterprise solutions like ERP, costing, eCommerce and more.


If you’re looking for assistance in BOM management, data migration, PDM/PLM implementation, customization, integration, and related technology questions, contact the experts at xLM Solutions.





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