xLM Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with SMS_ThinkTank, a global resource, and leader in systems modeling and simulation, bringing the worlds of systems engineering and computer-aided engineering together. Its focus is to help clients enable sustainable innovation by improving engineering maturity.

“We’re happy to be in this partnership with SMS_ThinkTank and offer their expertise around model-based system engineering to our clients,” said Marc Young, Managing Partner at xLM Solutions. “Additionally, we look forward to serving their clients with our deep knowledge of PLM implementations, migrations, and integrations.”

According to Frank Popielas, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of SMS_ThinkTank complete digital transformation is a journey. In many cases, companies need help in order to successfully make this journey.

SMS_ThinkTank undergoes a process to understand a client’s current engineering maturity in order to embrace digital transformation. “We help to lay a realistic path forward that includes an executable roadmap and end-to-end support framework that helps our clients improve their maturity and, thus, their competitive position,” said Popielas.

This begins at discovery and assessment of their “As-Is” structure in organization, process, and technology, and follow through with guidance to identify their “To-Be” structure. The execution is multifold, from education, cultural transformation enablement, process improvement, and implementation of best practices and new processes, to guidance and support in technology implementation that make use of the best practices and processes.

“With xLM’s expertise in product lifecycle management and its experience with migration and implementation, it forms the ideal partnership for SMS_ThinkTank to aid their clients on their digital thread journey,” according to Popielas.

The term ‘digital thread’ has a very broad meaning. It involves the data backbone of an organization. A client may be migrating from one solution to another solution to improve their business, regardless of their digital thread level of implementation. This may also include the challenge of merging several platforms to collaborate with other clients, suppliers, etc.

With xLM as a partner, SMS_ThinkTank can offer its clients another piece of the puzzle to fully implement a complete digital transformation.

xLM Solutions offers quality end-to-end lifecycle management services and solutions that include requirement analysis, solution installation, configuration, customization, support, and maintenance. We have been helping customers succeed for over 15 years in diverse geographies and industries.

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