Think of the cumulative time you spend in a year adding users to projects, removing users from projects, checking to ensure the right users have the right level of access to the right projects. It can really add up. This is time you could be putting to better use – maybe even working on a project yourself.

The SolidWorks PDM Permission Tool by xLM Solutions reduces the usual PDM administration time it takes to assign users to projects and groups—especially when users have different levels of access in different folders. It also allows you to handily execute quality and security checks in order to ensure that the correct users are in the correct groups and projects.

One user/multiple projects? No problem. Many users/one project? No problem – take care of access all at once. Many users/a few projects? Give them the access they need with one step. Need to remove some people from some projects? Easy. Forget about scrolling through endless user names – you can highlight and copy an entire group or you can cut and paste from any source into the field to give access (watch the video below to see how easily this is done).

Need reporting on groups/folders/project/access—another few clicks. And easily paste the info right into your Excel spreadsheet if you need further reporting.

Some of the features available to you with just a few clicks include:

  • Easily assigning Users to Groups and Projects
  • Removing Users from Projects
  • Copy Folder Permissions from one Folder to another
  • Batch Add or Remove User Permissions
  • User, Projects, and Group reporting (as well as the relationship among all three)
  • Logging of Actions Within the Tool in case you need to review

But probably the most beneficial part of the tool is how easy it is to use. See for yourself – watch the 7-minute demo below then contact us to learn how you can get it.


Contact us today to learn more about this tool.

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