I recently shared three CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Engineering Knowledge Language (EKL) scripts to help automate certain CATIA tasks that make your work with CATIA 3DX quicker and more efficient.

The 3DEXPERIENCE EKL programming language allows you to easily automate tasks by developing and customizing certain functions. Automating these tasks saves you time because you’re not repeating the same steps over again. Update one field, for example, and the EKL scripts automatically update other, pertinent fields.

At xLM, we identify time-savers and develop tools that can replace hours of manual compilation, giving you the best fit between your PLM system and your organizational processes. We’ve found that customer adoption of PLM is often less than ideal because some tasks can be tedious and confusing.

I’ll now take you through the top three ways to automate CATIA tasks to make the program more efficient and effective.

Same Name Twice

Many users want the same information on the CAD object (the physical product) and drawings, but understandably only want to fill that information in once. An EKL script can make that happen.

Let’s take an example in which filling in supplier name automatically also fills in the cage code. The user need not input that name twice or name the supplier and the cage code separately.

In this example, updating the supplier value also automatically changes the cage code.

The Same Drawing and Physical Product Titles

Users also might want the drawing title name and the physical product title name to be the same. This simplifies the process and keeps everything on the same “page,” as it were.

This CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE EKL script works much like the first one. By naming the physical product, you automatically give the drawing title that same name. No extra steps needed.

And, as in the first example, changing or updating the physical product name also automatically changes the drawing name.

Linking Material to Model

With this EKL script, the material name automatically shows up as a property on the physical product file.

Many customers want to search on material name and adding that material to a physical product can bring up the model that includes the material.

In addition, you can do the reverse, search within a CAD model for a specific material.

PLM Customizations

These are just three quick examples of how the experts at xLM Solutions can customize your PLM solution to fit your specific needs and streamline your processes. We work with you to ensure your level of PLM customization ranges far beyond these examples, to exactly fit your needs. View the CATIA 3DX EKL Script Samples.

xLM Solutions can help you strike the right balance between customization needs and budget, so you invest wisely to minimize risk and maximize ROI.

For more information about EKL scripts or additional customizations within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, please contact us.

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