By Marc Young, President/Owner, xLM Solutions

We were on the road again with an excellent opportunity to touch base last month with colleagues, partners and friends at the Community of Experts 2017 PLM Conference & TechniFair, hosted by Dassault Systèmes, the 3DExperience Company.

While I didn’t make a formal presentation, I relished the opportunity for in-depth conversations about our various 3DExperience projects and migrations, including SmarTeam to 3DExperience migrations. Read more about our recent progress migrating a very large SolidWorks® SmarTeam environment to ENOVIA V6 and the six most important things to consider before starting a migration project.

I also enjoyed two other educational presentations on:

  • Configuring load balancers for optimal 3DExperience performance
  • Integrating LDAP to 3DExperience to allow for a single sign-on

Like so many of the conference participants, I was especially struck by one of the keynote speakers, Steve Levine, PhD, who is the executive director of the Dassault Systèmes Living Heart Project. Steven discussed the project, which is modeling all of the functions and reflexes of a human heart. It has developed a comprehensive 3D heart model, capturing all of the electrical and mechanical behavior of the heart. Using echocardiogram, MRI and CT scan images, along with cardiac research data, personalized 3D heart simulations will allow medical professionals to better understand a patient’s heart without the need for additional invasive diagnostic procedures.

The simulation technologies resulting from the project can be used in various ways from testing pace makers and understanding blood flow to charting the strain the heart undergoes in everyday life. Steve told us that it is just the beginning – Dassault is looking to model other biological systems and organs, including the brain, lungs, cardiovascular system and more to serve as a common technology base for innovations in patient care. We will be eager to hear more about this cutting edge use of technology.

Finally, I was intrigued by the 3DExperience Discovery Panel, which reported on using the 3DExperience platform for a mock project.  With this, various COE members work remotely, connecting to the 3DExperience platform over the web. They discussed how they test various design and analysis tools with the platform to create a design, model, analyze, test and manage the design as it becomes a prototype solution.

What were your take-aways from the COE conference in Orlando?


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