A lot of our customers ask us, “I understand the concept of digital thread/twin, but how do I actually implement it?” This same question was asked by xLM’s Ilan Madjar to Jos Voskuil in this week’s episode of ” PLM Doctor is In” series by Virtualdutchman.com (a blog written by Jos Voskuil who advocates for PLM technology in non-traditional industries for PLM such as: Oil & Gas, the Energy sector, Construction and Civil.)

This week’s video installment focuses on this question and

  • “The History and Creation of the Digital Twin Concept,” an article by Michael Grieves
  • A presentation from Don Farr explaining the digital value chain with the “famous” Boeing diamond model
  • My Slideshare presentation discussing the difference between Coordinated and Connected PLM
  • My Slideshare presentation from the Digital Twin conference Eindhoven Nov 2020: Digital Twins do not run on documents

Watch the video (less than 4 minutes) here.

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