The 3DEXPERIENCE public cloud and user community are growing rapidly, and so is the need for integrating the platform with external systems. Many of these systems are Microsoft Windows-based, as is the case with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and various CAD and PDM/PLM applications, including SOLIDWORKS (desktop), SolidEdge, etc.

Dassault Systèmes, having recognized the growing need for custom integrations, has been developing and offering new public API (Web Services) for the market in the last few major product releases. It is also working to document them using the Open API specification.

Limited Documentation is a Barrier to .Net-Based Integrations on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Dassault’s documentation is evolving continuously but examples are still lacking, which can be problematic when it comes to developing connectors/integrations for Microsoft-based systems with native .Net integrations. These integrations require a combination of web development skills, Dassault API and business logic. Dassault has some Java-based examples for connecting 3DPassport to 3DSpace (ENOVIA), but few exist for .Net technology.

Developing integrations using .Net is challenging, in part, because users may need to handle redirects between the 3DPassport server and other services for passing cookies, etc. 

Need to Connect a .Net System to 3DEXPERIENCE? xLM Can Help

Our experts at xLM have recently worked on several projects that required connecting CAD (SolidEdge and other Microsoft-based technologies) to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and have developed a solution that can help ensure your next .Net integration project is a success.

We have developed a generic client code geared toward 3DPassport and 3DSpace connections, allowing you to bypass some of .Net’s unique behaviors. Once connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can use the client 3DSpace to develop your logic using 3DSpace’s APIs as documented. The solution supports both .Net Framework and .Net Core.

Our solution may be perfect for your business if …

  1. You are a developer that needs to develop a .Net-based integration to 3DX (on premise or public cloud) using 3DX Public Web Services 
  2. You have a Windows client-based application to integrate to 3DX and the application framework supports .Net (for example, certain CAD systems like SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge or ERO systems like Microsoft Dynamics or Office 365)
  3.     You don’t have in-house advanced web development skills  and are having issues connecting/logging into 3DPassport, connecting to 3DSpace, managing cookies and other tasks that are required for integrating 3DX PLM objects.


Sound Familiar? Get in Touch with xLM Solutions Today

If you’re dealing with any or all of the challenges listed above, we can help. xLM has developed a package that can be added as a reference/dependency and streamlines the process of logging into and out of 3DPassport and 3DSpace. Once connected, you can easily proceed with your logic using the 3DX public APIs.

Contact us today to learn more.

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