If you’re following a variety of PLM blogs, perhaps you read Oleg Shilovitsky’s recent Beyond PLM Blog, titled 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD – PROS, CONS, NUTS AND BOLTS…. It’s a worthwhile read and a good assessment of cloud platform choices.

We discussed the topic of 3DEXPERIENCE platform options in depth in our recent blog Which 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Works Best for You?

Oleg described how among all CAD and PLM providers, he finds that Dassault Systemès 3DEXPERIENCE offers the largest number of possible options and permutations – public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise.

He looks at the considerations users should be aware of as they review platforms in terms of IT resources required, flexibility and integration.

Oleg also mentioned the lack of cross tenant access from most cloud solutions and the need for interoperability among multiple cloud platforms. His thoughts are on point about collaboration and the need for flexibility.

As you consider PLM services options, contact xLM Solutions for advice and guidance.


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