We’ve shared how our xLM experts end up developing solutions for our customers. Sometimes we come up with the idea and other times customers come to us with an idea. Either way, we work together as a team to solve the issue at hand. Recently one of our customers, Lippert Components, a leading supplier of components to the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industries, specifically needed a mobile platform with data delivery in real-time to Enovia as they conduct OEM audits at the OEM, i.e., the customer’s facility.

We developed and deployed a server side web service-based solution that allows Lippert customer’s quality personnel to upload Audit-related form data and images via a mobile interface (mobile interface developed by Customer’s developer) from the field. These uploaded images are associated to a specific Audit in context and are available for viewing in real time from Enovia web interface, back in their office.

We also delivered a solution to display images on Audit details form view in Enovia web interface, which is currently not available in Enovia User Interface components out of the box.

The web service made available, accepts JSON format based form data as well as image files in http requests. The JSON message format selected allows client interface to send user credential in the request along with Audit data and image files. The server side authenticates the user before updating Enovia data based on business logic defined by customer team.

Enovia Mobile Integration


Once uploaded from mobile interface, form data and images are then available in real time for review and approval by various managers back in the office. This solution provided a very convenient and faster way for Audit application users to capture field information in the system.

Fig 1 Image shown corresponding to a form field.

Enovia enovia-mobile2

Fig 2 List of images uploaded for a typical audit.

In conclusion, there is a lot of potential use of internet of things and using mobile / tablet devices within the manufacturing environment.

Pronto Form data is captured in PDF format and is entirely useless when looking to create metrics, realize trends, etc., within a Quality Management System. The mobile application and supporting web service has permitted Lippert to retire the use of static Pronto Forms.

It was an awesome experience for the xLM team to be part of the project and get involved in such innovative technologies.

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