One of xLM’s value propositions is our team’s ability to understand our customer’s issues with their PLM software. We use our experience to design specific add-ons that not only address the issues, but also add extended value to the PLM investment.

In addition to the mobile interface add-in, this year we designed and implemented two new add-ons for our customers. We launched a new tool for legacy data migration to ENOVIA V6 (non-CAD data). This newly developed tool is designed to optimize loading non-CAD data into ENOVIA V6. It is easy to use and can be configured for different data migrations. Read the technical details of the tool here: xLM Solutions Launches New Tool for Legacy Data Migration to Enovia V6 (non-CAD data)

To resolve missing SolidWorks reference in ENOVIA V6, we devised a new add-on. This add-in addresses the issue of missing links of SolidWorks file in ENOVIA, whether due to migration or other reasons. How does it work? Check out the blog post, “xLM Solutions Announces a new Solution to Resolve Missing SolidWorks Reference in ENOVIA V6,” for more details.

We also configured the Aras Bulk Loader tool that is provided to Aras subscriber customers for a specific data migration project. Read the blog post, “Aras Data Loading Tool,” for detailed information.

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