• Conducting Batch Processes in SolidWorks can be computer intensive and should be done on a batch/job/task server
  • SolidWorks PDM out of the box tasks are not powerful enough or configurable to meet the majority of customer batching printing/pdf generation needs
  • Creating of such custom tasks in SolidWorks PDM requires advanced programming expertise


  • xML’s Batch Print/PDF Generation proprietary tool is configured to meet the needs of many of our customers based on our extensive experience which has allowed xLM to anticipate a variety of customer requirements. This tool is based on the SolidWorks PDM task functionality.


  • The ability to select a parent assembly and print pdf/ generate all drawings for all children in the assembly and subassemblies
  • The ability to dynamically add data to the printed drawing such as job number or other specific attributes for each batch print / pdf generation
  • The ability to allow the user to select more than one file and send it to a batch server to be printed / pdf generated
  • The ability to specify printing parameters such as: page size and number of copies to print
  • Printing and PDF generation for many different file formats beyond SolidWorks.
  • Can be controlled through a menu pick in SolidWorks PDM or a workflow
  • Detailed error log reporting to trouble shoot batch processing issues
  • The tool can be expandable to meet very specific customer requirements


  • Frees up the end user to concentrate on actual work while such computer processing is off loaded to a batch server
  • Easy to use and implement



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