ERP Sync Engine is unique because it interfaces between PLM and ERP and it can work with any ERP system. It is built into the standard data model of Aras Innovator, allowing you to fully configure the solution from within your Aras client.

The tool creates a shared database infrastructure with the ERP system, which allows us to exchange and govern data between PLM and ERP (or MES, CRM and other systems), without the need to know the API of your specific ERP system.

Core features are:


Once the system is set up, your users and administrators do not have to do anything. The ERP Sync Engine takes care of the synchronization and sends you reports as you need them.

Asynchronous synchronization

Users do not have to wait until synchronization takes place. The system uses a job server that synchronizes in the background, even if PLM is sending a large BOM to your ERP system.

Built-in translation

It is typical for ERP and PLM to use different data types or values for the same thing. For example, your PLM might use a True/False list while the ERP might use Boolean 1 or 0 as a flag. The ERP Sync Engine has a built-in translation mechanism so that the ERP and PLM understand each other.


ERP Sync Engine sends and stores sync information, which identifies whether the broadcasts were successful or faulty. For instance, it sends an email to the administrator about failed or mismatched operations, improper translations of data and temporary system failures.