xLM Solutions will be attending and presenting at SolidWorks World 2013 in Orlando, FL. –  http://www.solidworks.com/sww/  We will have a booth and be presenting on the following topics:

Exploring SolidWorks PDM Tasks – Working with and Developing Tasks in SolidWorks PDM

This presentation will explore EDPM Task functionality and how it can be configured and modified for specific user requirements. It will discuss what is involved in developing your own custom task. The presenter will walk through an actual example of developing a task and provide sample code.

Different Customization Approaches and Options for Enterprise PDM

“Can I really do that in SolidWorks PDM?”  This presentation will discuss different customizations that can be done with SolidWorks PDM such as developing executables (exe) and Add-Ins.   The presentation will discuss how to develop, test and implement your own customizations.

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