Support of LUM licensing technology will end on December 31st, 2013. This technology is replaced by DSLS, which is already available in all V5 releases since V5R21 onwards , and in all V6 releases.

DASSAULT SYSTEMES is encouraging customers and partners who currently use LUM as a licensing system for products under support, to migrate to DSLS licensing system during year 2013.

Customers who will decide not to migrate to DSLS during year 2013 can continue to request LUM keys but will not be supported on LUM licensing technology after December 31st, 2013. In the event customer shall report a support request to DASSAULT SYSTEMES related to licensing after 2013, this request’s resolution may require DSLS installation.

Next DASSAULT SYSTEMES V5 release, V5-6R2013 will only provide DSLS as a licensing mechanism. Any migration to V5-6R2013 therefore requires migration to DSLS.

Migration to DSLS should be initiated by customers during year 2013, by requesting to DASSAULT SYSTEMES DSLS keys in replacement of LUM keys. It is customers’ responsibility to de-install LUM keys when installing DSLS keys.
In the context of such transition, DS will issue by default for LUM keys a 12-month duration license keys in H1 2013, and a 6-month duration license keys in H2 2013.

For V5R19 and V5R20, customers should install HotFixes to enable DSLS capability. HotFixes will be available for V5R19SP9, V5R20SP4, V5R20SP5, V5R20SP6 and V5R20SP7.

DSLS will not be available for V5R18 and for releases prior to V5R18 as these releases are no longer supported.

Customer Support call centers remain the primary focal point of customers/partners for support questions related to licensing.

This article is written/posted by:  Sandrine Dos Santos.  LUM End Of Support & Transition to DSLS, retrieved from

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