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Load Data using XPDM – Demo

Today xLM releases a new demo from Marc Young, Managing Partner, on how to load data using Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA XPDM product. Watch it now.

The video will take you through the simple steps to load data using XPDM.

As you probably know, XPDM is a tool that works with the ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE for importing and exporting data. It’s also used to integrate 3DEXPERIENCE with other enterprise systems like ERP, PLM, etc. and has an owner concept where you can lock various data so it can’t be controlled when it’s not owned by the 3DEXPERIENCE solution.

It also can be used to convert CATIA v5 data to CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE when doing an import.

In this demo you’ll see how to convert Excel Item Master and Bill of Material data with multiple revisions to an XPDM xLM format and then import the data into 3DEXPERIENCE using the XPDM import/export batch tool.

Watch the video now. And if you have any questions when you’ve finished watching it, reach out for help.

Michelle Anderson

October 29 , < 1 minute