How to Fix Missing Files from Your File Store in 3DEXPERIENCE

Whether due to a network fault, application flaw or bad migration, it is possible for files in the FCS or Remote FCS server (store) to appear missing, although 3DXPERIENCE assumes the files are still available. Such missing files can cause issues with file loading, especially when dealing with the XCAD Designer Central integration.

xLM Solutions has designed a tool which identifies missing files or data out of sync between the actual files in the FCS Servers and what is stored in the 3DEXPERIENCE database.

The tool has the following features:

  • It identifies out of synch data and creates a batch file to auto-copy missing files to the required local store from other sites.
  • The tool can be easily expanded to support other report capabilities such as file size analysis (disc vs DB).
  • The tool runs extremely fast, because it makes use of SQL queries and batch commands.
    • Oracle and SQL Server databases supported
    • Windows and Linux operating systems supported

Contact xLM Solutions today for more information about its 3DEXPERIENCE FCS File Validator.

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