Effective data management is essential for any business, but can be especially tricky for engineering groups who handle a large volume of drawings, part files and many other files pertaining to product data. 

Smart part numbering is an effective alternative to “dumb” serial numbers and xLM Solutions is proud to offer 3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Using EKL, a configurable tool that streamlines the process within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It’s compatible with public cloud, private cloud or on-premise implementations and can be utilized from the native or web client.

Watch this video for a demo of how it works.

Smart Part Numbering vs Serial Numbers

Traditionally, serial numbers have been the go-to method for identifying and tracking parts. However, the limitations of serial numbers become apparent as processes evolve. Enter smart part numbering, a game-changer in the realm of part identification. Unlike serial numbers, smart part numbering allows for customization and intelligence, providing companies with a versatile tool to enhance their operations.

Smart part numbering allows users to name parts based on what they are. If the dimensions or materials change, the part number will, too. This is very beneficial because intelligent part numbering makes it easy to recognize different components, such as function or color, within a part and makes it easier for CAD designers to locate and reuse the part in different designs. The process is user-friendly and accelerates innovation and time to market. 

Introducing xLM’s 3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Tool Using EKL

We’ve developed a configurable tool using Dassault Systèmes’ Enterprise Knowledge Language (EKL) that enables users to generate custom part numbers in 3DEXPERIENCE using a selectable prefix and set a dash number value. This tool enables custom or intelligent part numbering on the public cloud, private cloud and on-premise implementations. Key features include:

User-Selectable Prefix and Dash Number: Users can choose from a drop-down list, with the selected value prepended to an internal counter. The incremental counter and dash number contribute to the formation of a custom part number.

Duplicate Check: The tool actively checks for duplicates, issuing warnings to users if a similar part number already exists.

Enterprise and Title Fields:

Users have the flexibility to set both enterprise and title fields, tailoring part numbers to specific organizational needs.


The tool is adaptable to various environments, allowing users to generate part numbers on 3DEXPERIENCE public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise implementations.

Customization Capabilities:

The solution is extendable and configurable, enabling customization to meet the unique requirements of different manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Smart Part Numbering with xLM’s Tool

One of the best aspects of our solution is that it supports customer part number schemes, meaning that you can configure the solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. We understand that no two companies want to number their parts in the exact same way and are proud to give our customers control over customization.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Using EKL tool also allows for easy category identification through part number prefixes that improve organization and automotive process. It’s also ideal for automatically generating derivative parts using the dash number function.

Watch this video for a demo of how it works in the 3DEXPERIENCE Native Client. 

End-to-End PLM Consulting Services for the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Although many companies are interested in smart part numbering, limited in-house development expertise can be a barrier to adoption. That’s where xLM Solutions, a full-service PLM consulting team, comes in. Our experts specialize in selection, implementation, data migration, integration and customization, as seen by solutions like our 3DEXPERIENCE Smart Part Numbering Using EKL tool. 

We have years of experience working with Dassault’s suite of solutions and can offer any level of support required, from deploying powerful tools like the one discussed here to serving as a partner from the exploratory phase of PLM implementation through providing technical expertise after the project has reached technical completion. Get in touch to learn more about our Smart Part Numbering Tool and PLM services that will accelerate your digital transformation.


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