Viewing MS Office Documents in 3DEXPERIENCE On-Premise

Marc Young, xLM Solutions Founder, describes how to easily view MS Office documents in 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) on-premise

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

novembre 28 , 2 minutes read


Here at xLM Solutions, we receive many requests on how best to reduce rework and “push” the product structure from...

xLM Solutions

novembre 28 , < 1 minute

SOLIDWORKS Data Sharing Tools Share SOLIDWORKS PDM Data from 3DX

xLM Solutions has developed a new widget to extract data from 3DEXPERIENCE and a tool to import and share it from 3DEXPERIENCE into SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

octobre 19 , 2 minutes read

Webinar Series Delivers PLM, 3DX Insights

xLM Solution’s 3-part webinar series and quarterly 3DEXPERIENCE Roundtable deliver actionable insights on data migration and PLM implementation.

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

octobre 08 , 3 minutes read

Welcome to xLM Europe, Allauddin Ali Ahmad

xLM Solutions Europe continues on its growth trajectory with the addition of Allauddin Ali Ahmad as its Chief Technology Officer and Solutions Architect.

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

septembre 15 , < 1 minute

Three Ways to Automate CATIA Tasks with EKL Scripts

xLM founder Marc Young shares three EKL scripts that automate CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE tasks to make the CAD program more efficient and faster.

xLM Solutions

août 24 , 2 minutes read

xLM Solutions Upgraded S&C Electric to a Customized PLM

xLM founder Marc Young and Mike Lubin from S&C Electric discuss S&C’s successful upgrade to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Marc Young and Ilan Madjar

août 17 , 3 minutes read


xLM Solutions’ Ilan Madjar review two approaches to security concepts and data access control in various PDM solutions and 3DEXPERIENCE.

Ilan Madjar, Managing Partner/Owner, xLM Solutions

août 03 , 4 minutes read

xLM Europe is Growing

We are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Solutions Architect. Our new team member has exceptionally strong...

xLM Solutions

juillet 14 , < 1 minute

Migrating Data to 3DEXPERIENCE

In a recent webinar, xLM Founder/Owner Marc Young described the best practices, tools and methodologies for migrating data to 3DEXPERIENCE.

Marc Young, Founder and Owner, xLM Solutions

juillet 05 , 3 minutes read