The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is known for its powerful out-of-the-box functionality, but every organization has unique business needs and customizations are often required to maximize the user experience. One of the tools designed to support that need is Enterprise Knowledge Language (EKL), a Dassault Systèmes proprietary programming language that’s used to define programs and procedures specific to apps in V5 and V6/3DEXPERIENCE.

One of our goals here at xLM Europe and xLM Solutions is to help customers use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform more efficiently and we regularly turn to EKL scripts for just that purpose. 

We understand from firsthand experience how repetitive tasks in the design process can be a huge waste of time and development resources, which degrades the overall PLM experience and distracts from other business priorities. Fortunately, eliminating repetition in the design process is just what EKL was designed to do – and our experts can show you how through our tailored EKL Training class.

Why EKL is Important for 3DEXPERIENCE Designers

EKL was designed to enable a quick development environment that allows users to easily automate tasks and quickly validate their design with different parameters. If you find yourself repeating design tasks, filling out the same fields over and over or constantly searching for the same resources, you can use EKL scripts to build smart models, applications, automate those processes and save time. 

A wide range of knowledge packages, types, functions and methods are available in EKL with native access to V6 constructs.

UI creation is also possible using the Know-How Apps User Experience app, which is available within the Design Apps Developer (KAC) role. The KAC role allows developers to design and develop custom applications for native apps. 

After completing our EKL Training class, you’ll know how to use EKL to customize components on top of 3DEXPERIENCE V5 and V6 architecture, including:

  • Business Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Generative Rules
  • Product Structure Navigation
  • And much more

For some real-life examples of how EKL is deployed, I highly recommend reading this blog post on EKL scripts and CATIA. 

EKL Training Class Overview

Our experts will personalize our EKL Training class to accommodate your unique business requirements, but it’s generally offered virtually across two sessions. 

Level: Fundamental

Duration: 12 Hours (Two 6-hour classes)

Course Material: English

Delivery Method: Virtual training via Teams

Support: PowerPoint Presentation and Live Demo

The first session offers an introduction to EKL and its application within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Participants will also learn about the Data Setup application and roles, Business Logic (BL), the role of PLM Opening ID, Event trigger points, EKL trace and trace API and watch a live demo on the Data Setup App. During the second session, we’ll apply those lessons during a live demonstration and explore the Engineering Rules Capture application.

Interested in getting EKL training or learning more? We offer flexible scheduling and also offer custom workshops to meet any PLM training requirements. Get in touch today.


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