Hello, Marc here. Ilan and I just returned from an enlightening few days at COExperience 2024 in Dallas, Texas, and I’m pleased to share some highlights and insights from the event with you all.

We eagerly anticipate this gathering every year. It’s our annual opportunity to reconnect with the vibrant Dassault Systèmes user community, and this year was no exception. The Sheraton Dallas was buzzing with hundreds of industry professionals keen to enhance their skills, streamline their processes, and dive deep into the latest innovations offered by Dassault.

Before I dive in, I want to let you know that xLM is hosting a virtual 3DEXPERIENCE Roundtable event on May 23. 3DEXPERIENCE topics are a major part of COE every year and we’re looking forward to having an open, honest discussion about data migration, roles and other topics. Do you have any questions about 3DEXPERIENCE? If so, please click here to complete our 30-second survey, and register now to join us. I look forward to seeing you there!

A Pioneering Collaboration: COExperience Meets MBSE Cyber Systems Symposium

This year’s COExperience was made even more unique by a groundbreaking collaboration. For the first time, the COExperience was co-located with the MBSE Cyber Systems Symposium, another prestigious Dassault Systèmes event. This joint venture allowed attendees from both events to immerse themselves in a broader spectrum of technological advancements and networking opportunities.

The synergy created by co-locating COExperience with the MBSE Cyber Systems Symposium this year was wonderful. It broadened our horizons and provided invaluable opportunities to explore new ideas and technologies across different but interconnected fields such as model base system engineering (MBSE). This integration has set a new benchmark for what we can achieve together in future events!

Inspiring Innovation: Insights from COExperience 2024 Keynote Speakers

The keynote sessions at COExperience 2024 were a major highlight, delivered by an impressive lineup of industry leaders who set the tone for the event Olivier Sapping, CEO CATIA Dassault,. Michelle Gilbert, Technical Management Division Chief for the Project Management Office at Future Long Range Assault Aircraft, Galen Valentine, Senior Staff Engineer and Associate Tech Fellow at Bell Textron Inc., John MacKrell, Chairman at CIMdata, Inc., and Marc Jeeves, PLM Lead Engineer at Nikola Motors, each brought unique insights and forward-thinking perspectives to the forefront.

Reflecting on the keynotes, I felt that they not only enhanced our understanding of the current industry landscape but also sparked conversations around innovation and collaborative opportunities. Their expertise and vision underscored the importance of collaboration across various sectors and disciplines within the Dassault ecosystem, reinforcing the event’s theme of driving progress through unified efforts.

Some of the key statements and themes were:

  1. Digital Twin vs Virtual Twin: Digital twin is more of static digital representation of your product, system, etc. while a virtual twin is more of an interactive representation of your product, system, etc. The latter you can interface more with and conduct various scenarios/experiences virtually.
  2. Generative Experience Powered by AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) into CAD/PLM. They provided a demo of “asking” CATIA to start designing a specific 3D model. AI would ask various questions about it and then create the initial 3DShape. Dassault also demoed using AI in its project management apps to predict tasks that may be at risk and suggest methods to reduce such situations.

Ilan’s Deep Dive into 3DEXPERIENCE Public Web Services

Ilan kicked off our contributions to COE 2024 with his session on Tuesday, titled “Exploring 3DEXPERIENCE Public Web Services and User Applications.” He provided a comprehensive walkthrough of the public Web Services that Dassault is developing for 3DEXPERIENCE. 

Using Postman examples, Ilan illustrated how these services can be tested and integrated into various customization projects, either on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or from external applications. A group of dedicated developers and system integrators showed keen interest in learning more about enhancing their projects with these powerful tools. Thank you to everyone who joined us! Following the session we have received multiple requests for a copy of the presentation and samples. Please contact Ilan Madjar if you have any questions.

Streamlining Operations: Insights on DevOps for 3DEXPERIENCE Environments

On Wednesday, it was my turn to take the stage. My presentation, “Using DevOps to Manage Multiple 3DEXPERIENCE Environments,” focused on the critical role of DevOps in managing development, QA, and production environments. I discussed how a robust DevOps process could facilitate smoother rollouts and updates within 3DEXPERIENCE infrastructures. 

The session went into detail about automating the setup of new environments and efficiently implementing changes. The interaction was fantastic, and the audience engagement really drove home the importance of adaptable and efficient workflow processes in our field.

A Heartfelt Thanks: Your Participation Shapes Our Success

A big thank you to everyone who joined our sessions and to those who engaged in discussions with us. Events like COExperience are invaluable for learning and networking, and they remind us of the vibrant community we’re proud to be a part of. Your participation and feedback make all the difference!

If you didn’t get a chance to speak with us or have any follow-up questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ilan and I are always excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts and discuss how we can help streamline and enhance your Dassault experiences.

Looking forward to another year of innovation and collaboration, and see you all at COExperience 2025!

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