Haven’t been able to catch one of our live webinars? Check out a replay and learn about:

  • Data Migrations to SolidWorks PDM
    • Considering a data migration project to SolidWorks PDM? Check out our webinar where we look at:
      • Considerations as you prepare for a data migration project
      • Tips for a successful migration
      • Pitfalls to avoid when migrating data
  • How to Implement Simple Customizations in 3DEXPERIENCE
    •  Get the most out of your 3DEXPERIENCE platform and watch our webinar replay. We know that customizing 3DEXPERIENCE to meet your specific needs brings even more ROI – we’ve done it countless times. Learn some simple customizations you can do right away.
  • Best Practices in PLM Migration
    • Data migrations can be complex and taxing. They require specific expertise and experience. If you’re planning on a data migration, watching our webinar is a must-do. After watching, you’ll understand:
      • The required preparation
      • The best technology to conduct the migration
      • Any pitfalls to avoid
      • The major points to consider for a data migration project
      • We’ll bring xLM Solutions’ expertise from dozens of data migration projects to address these points and give insights on how to conduct a successful migration project
  • SolidWorks PDM Sharepoint Integration
    •  You’ll learn scenarios that are frequently encountered and discuss how to best integrate the two solutions. Included in the webinar:
      • The best process to follow
      • Questions and considerations
      • Expected benefits

You can register for any of these webinars and watch them on-demand! If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll answer you right away.


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