SolidWorks Migration to Enovia

Download this presentation today and learn: About Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA V6 (“ENOVIA V6”) & SOLIDWORKS Integration (“DEK”, previously referred to as “SLW”) Typical source systems to migrate out of Implementation Data Models for DEK Migration methods, technologies & tools Migration content considerations (Data, mappings, names, folders, Toolbox etc.) Migration process, methodology and best practices

Different Customization Approaches & Options for SolidWorks PDM

Download this presentation today and learn: SOLIDWORKS PDM Customization Options Functions with in Data Cards Dispatch Advanced customization options Add-in Standalone Executable Tasks Debugging and Testing ROI Calculation

Web ‐Based SmarTeam Workflow User Assignment Wizard

The wizard helps you to execute the dynamic assignment of users to workflows, which is a tedious and error‐prone process. Download the presentation to view the Solution: A Web‐based SmarTeam Workflow User Assignment Wizard – Providing a web‐based, simplified and intuitive approach for assigning users to nodes in a workflow.


PDM CATIA Integration Tool

We have released an update to the PDM Integration Tool. This tool includes two solutions that will help you integrate your SolidWorks and CATIA data: Solidworks now supports links between products or parts assemblies in Product Data Manager with children for CATIA-related data. We’ve developed these tools to enhance this integration with SolidWorks, such as a […]

3DEXPERIENCE Data Validation, Reports, and Analytics Tool

Running Complex reports against the 3DEXPERIENCE (ENOVIA) can be complex and difficult to develop. Current Dassault Systèmes solutions can be expensive to purchase and implement. It is not easy to analyze the data in an SQL level due to the complex level of the database structure in 3DEXPERIENCE. Solution A generic tool to extract complex […]

3DEXPERIENCE Data Migration Tools

Loading data in 3DEXPERIENCE can be complex and prone to errors especially when dealing with its complex data model. Some of the 3DEXPERIENCE out-of-the-box tools like EDAT and XPDM can be slow, expensive and do not handle all the migration scenarios required by customers. Solution: xLM Solutions has developed its own tool set to load […]


SmarTeam 3D Experience

Migrating to ENOVIA® V6 is a logical PLM direction for companies that are looking to evolve their PLM system and expand its functionality. ENOVIA V6 provides scalability together with a rich portfolio of out of the box modules and a set of configuration and customization tools allowing companies to tailor the solution to their unique […]

Case Studies

xLM Completes Complex SOLIDWORKS PDM Workgroup Data Migration to 3DEXPERIENCE for DRAPER

xLM’s team of experts conducted a complex data migration, from SOLIDWORKS PDM Workgroup Data to 3DEXPERIENCE for Boston-based DRAPER, a nonprofit engineering innovation company. The project team also extracted the Bill of Material (BOM) data from the SOLIDWORKS drawings to be used in creating the BOM in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Global Electric Solution Provider Migrates from SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE

A team of expert consultants from xLM Solutions recently completed a major data migration project, migrating a global electric solution provider from SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE. The project involves implementing out-of-the-box options and customizations, based on the company’s business model and site requirements.