The Import Wizard makes it easy and efficient to load legacy data from your old PDM or PLM system or a periodic BOM or part.

The intuitive UI simplifies data import without additional scripting or text files revisions. Automate your loading processes with templates, built-in logic and many more built-in features.

Core features are:

Generic data loader

Load any data to Aras from Excel sheets, including ItemTypes, Relationships and complete files to Aras. Load multiple ItemTypes and Relationships in a single import. No matter which version of Excel you use, and no matter how many sheets you want to load, there is no need for complicated text file conversions.


We provide pre-defined templates to reduce administrative time, which automates properties mapping.

Built-in intelligence

The tool validates your data before loading, and will use configuration methodologies to make sure your data is 100% complete.

Simple and easy to use interface

No more complex AML and SQL queries. Use a single tool with a simple interface to add and update your data. The system validates your data to assure that it is complete, in the right state, and is not locked by other users. The system then loads the data into Aras.

xLM Solutions’ expertise extends beyond data migration. We have the capabilities to extract data from any legacy systems, file structures, databases, etc., into Aras. Contact us to find out more.