We provide connectors to the following E-CAD products: OrCAD (Cadence PCB Solution), Altium Designer, Mentor PADS Connector and Cadence Allegro.

The E-CAD connectors are built to simplify key processes in Aras PLM. These solutions are built with the latest API and the UX capabilities that make it very effective and user friendly.

Tight integration with Aras

The connectors use Aras built-in methodologies for managing revisions and generation via flow processes. As an option, we have a custom electronics template database for rapid implementation.

Manage component libraries

Managing your company’s component libraries has always been difficult. Now you can manage your component in Aras, attach manufacturer part numbers, control the parts via change processes, and easily access these components in your E-CAD tools.

Advanced validation

Because we know E-CAD, and we know PLM, we pre-validate the data saved to Aras before any mistakes are made. We check for the right statuses and duplication of reference designation, and perform many other validations.

The E-CAD tools are built to:

  • Reduce errors:

    Significantly reduce errors by saving BOMs from E-CAD directly to Aras. No Excel or CSV files, manual entry or intermediate processes in between are needed.

  • Provide better validation:

    Achieve efficiency by cutting validation time for your designs through automation. Our validation process adheres to the rules of both E-CAD design and Aras PLM methodology, so your BOMs are up-to-date and validated.

  • Control components:

    Provide uniformity by managing a shared pool of components in Aras accessible through the E-CAD application. All components are managed centrally and Aras controls the status, related manufacturing part number and datasheets.

  • Create PDFs on the fly:

    The system automatically creates PDFs so you can use visual collaboration and discuss needed changes with your peers, vendors or customers.